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Japanese neighborhood #saopaulocity #tourguides #brasilien #liberdade an unmissable neighborhood for any visitor in São Paulo.

We have approximately 1.6 million Japanese-Brazilians living in São Paulo, making it the largest concentration of Japanese descendants outside of Japan.

The neighborhood of Liberdade has maintained a visible ⛩ Japanese character and is really interesting to visit! Now home to immigrants, particularly from China 🇨🇳 , South Korea 🇰🇷 and other East Asian countries, the streets are lined with oriental lampposts and cherry blossom trees, as well as traditional Japanese restaurants, supermarkets, bars and karaokes. The older history of this area - like the church you see in the picture - and some other hints I can tell you during the tour 😜😎

Here you can enjoy Japanese food in many nice restaurants like 🍤 Yamamoto - the most traditional one, with tatame seats, but works only at night - 🍣 Sushi Lika (real "japa" food, like paulistas say), 🍛 Yamaga Restaurant, 🍜 Kazu Lamen, 🥟 Itikiri Restaurant, or have an "all you can eat experience" 🍱 at Tanka Restaurant, which I particularly like during lunchtime, for R$ 80 per person.

The Karaoke Box Porque Sim 🎵🎶🎵 Karaoke Box Kampai, Chopperia Liberdade and Okuyama are also a nice places to go. Top food and good fun with groups. 

If you are staying during the weekend, some streets near the 🚇 metro station Liberdade hosts a street fair and you can visit all the stores in the neighborhood, like the make up 💄💋🙌🏻 temple Ikesaki. I recommend you to visit in the morning, because is the only time when it's not so crowded. The street fair has many sort of foods, art and crafts, making it an unmissable neighborhood for any visitor to São Paulo.

Liberdade has all Asian festivities like:

🐉 Chinese New Year,

💐 Hanamatsuri / Flower Festival - celebrating the birth from Buddah Xaquiamuni, usually on the Saturday before the first full moon in April,

✨⭐️ Tanabata Matsuri / Star Festival in July - August, where you can write your wish and leave it on a bamboo tree to be fulfilled,

⛩ Toyo Matsuri / Oriental Festival - during December, to celebrate the Asian culture,

🍙 Moti Tsuki / Festival on the 31. December, celebrating the new year with teamwork, because a lot of people need to work together in order to socar bolinhos de arroz. Attention: Japanese time; so the highlight point of the party is at 12 pm in São Paulo, when it is already 12 am new year in Japan.

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