Tours 2014

Find your picture - Tours | 295 | 18/10/2019

Tours 2014 - 1

TBT working in 2014... really nice wines! Would be perfect now for quarantine time 🥂

Tours 2014 - 3

TBT 2014 driving with my tourists, visiting many attractions in São Paulo and enjoying the panoramic view

Tours 2014 - 5

TBT 2014 Brazil World Cup with soccer player Juninho Paulista and working with a nice group for @enodiosdmc

Tours 2014 - 7
Tours 2014 - 8

TBT tour in 2014... You should do once visiting São Paulo

Tours 2014 - 10

TBT tour in 2014... a great view of São Paulo. You need to walk for about an hour and then have this amazing view!

Tours 2014 - 12

TBT tour in 2014... this is a very nice day trip you should do once visiting São Paulo


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